ReadMe Documentation

Welcome to the ReadMe Documentation, where you'll find comprehensive guides and community support to help you start working with ReadMe as quickly as possible!

Get Started

ReadMe has pre-built widgets for you to use, that you can drag and drop on the right side of the content editor.


The header widget will create an h1 header for you.

Code Sample

The code sample widget allows you to write styled code samples, and you should be able to add as many tabs as you need for different languages.

// JavaScript functions are declared with the `function` keyword.
function myFunction(thing){
    return thing.toUpperCase();
myFunction("foo"); // = "FOO"


The callout widget can be used to display different callouts to give your users warnings or cautions.

Callout Title

This is a callout!


Use this widget to create a table such as this:

Column Title 1
Column Title 2

row 1


row 2


row 3



Use this widget to upload an image and choose how you want to scale it.


This widget is a simple way to embed content from YouTube, Github Gists, JSFiddles, PDFs, Google Slides and more, just provide the link and you should be set.

Some embeds may not work well with this, such as vimeo videos. In that case you should use the HTML/CSS widget to embed.


Lastly you can add custom HTML/CSS for your content using this widget if you need anything else! This can be used for more customized embeds or widgets that you may want.