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Top Feature Requests

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We love hearing from you about how you're using ReadMe and what could improve your experience. While we have a clear vision for where we're headed, some of our best ideas have come from suggestions from you.

Below is a list of some of the most popular feature requests we receive. We hope this working document can add some transparency to our feature requests, and shed light on future plans. We are committed to making ReadMe the best possible service it can be, thanks for your help!


Popular requests that are live on ReadMe

Comment Without Logging In

Description: In the support forum, anyone can ask a question or comment without creating a ReadMe login.

Improved Search

Description: Search now includes all documentation and auto-completes queries.

Make Navigation Scrollable

Description: Left hand navigation is now scrollable rather than extending past the docs page.

Nested Subnavigation

Description: There is now a second layer of documentation available. While editing, simply click on a doc and drag to the right. It will appear indented in the editor and on your docs.

Spam Protection in Forum

Description: We have added spam detection for forum questions.

Table of Contents

Description: A ToC is auto-generated from the headers in documentation. It appears on the right hand side of a documentation page.


Description: The ability to create an FAQ in the forum section. Questions can added and moderated by project admins.

Edit Support Forum Discussion

Description: Ability to edit support forum. Admins can currently remove questions and comments from questions. They will be able to edit questions to make them more relevant.

LetsEncrypt Support

Description: Free SSL encryption through LetsEncrypt rather than uploading an outside SSL cert.

Swagger Support

Description: Support for import of documentation through a Swagger file.

In Progress

Things we're building now

OKTA support

Description: OKTA will allow single sign on, and different user permissions based on teams within OKTA.

Multiple Project Integrations

Description: Improved multiple use case for multiple projects.

Not Planned

Export to PDF

Description: Ability to export ReadMe pages to PDF

ReadMe's View: ReadMe's goal is to make documentation interactive and personalized. By retaining documentation online, we can help users most effectively use an API by pointing out what is most useful to them.

last updated 06/06/17