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Hub 2 Upgrade FAQ

How to upgrade

Please contact to upgrade at this time.

What is the secondary nav bar?
The secondary nav bar contains links to ReadMe features and the version picker. It is required to utilize search and suggested edits. If you disable a feature, it will be removed from here.

What is the Reference section?
API Documentation pages are now moved into their own section, called Reference Guides. It is separate from your main docs and acts as a separate entity. Main docs will utilize the two-column layout and Reference Guides will be on the three-column layout going forward.

Where did Typekit go?
You just need the Typekit id and enter it in the third party integrations section, then you can use the font in the custom CSS section as shown here.

Why is my JavaScript not working?
Pages are now loaded with AJAX and jQuery v1.11.1 is included on the page. Your JavaScript will be included at the bottom of the page. To run Javascript on each page load, use the pageLoad event.

$(window).on('pageLoad', function(e, state){
  // Your Code Here

Why is the login page separate?
The login page is now separate for security reasons. You will be able to utilize your own company login or other authentications such as google to login when we release JWT.

Other details
-Proxy can now be turned off for API requests, but you must allow ReadMe in your CORS options
-Version picker and table of contents can be removed from secondary nav bar in the advanced settings of the appearance tab
-iFrames must be turned on in the advanced options of the custom domain tab

Hub 2 Upgrade FAQ